It’s NOT about a wall

Obama hands over presidency to Trump at 58th Presidential Inauguration

This shutdown has never been about a wall. The whole debacle between President Donald Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi has cemented that fact. Cancelling the speakers travel plans and cancelling the State of the Union are the actions of immature politicians using their powers to stroke their own egos.

And that’s all this has ever been about, egos between powerful politicians. As the left celebrates their “win” because Trump agreed to postpone the State of the Union, 800,000 people are going unpaid. SNAP is close to running out of funds for the first time since the program was made permanent.

These realities are something that both parties have lost sight of. Each side is worried about “winning” but has lost sight of the fact that nobody wins in a shutdown. What’s even worse is playing overt political games with each other while those that you are hurting are watching.

I don’t know which party will end up “caving” in the end, and I don’t think it matters. It won’t change my opinion of either party, and I doubt that it will change the minds of any of either parties’ supporters.

When this shutdown ends, neither party will have gained the respect of the American people. In fact, both parties will have lost what little respect that they had remaining. These kinds of behaviors are what got Trump elected in the first place, so he could “drain the swamp”.

He seems to have missed his mark, and instead has become a part of the quagmire that his supporters loathed so much.

20 thoughts on “It’s NOT about a wall

  1. This may not have changed your opinion about the political parties but it has changed my opinion about President Trump. I voted for him because Clinton wanted to make it easier for women to obtain abortions and this was the only way to keep her out of power but I certainly won’t vote for him if he runs for reelection. I am hoping that he will be impeached so Mike Pence can become president.

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    1. She was taking all of her family to Afghanistan for a vacation? Call me dubious.

      Either way that’s not why the flight was cancelled, so it’s a separate matter to be looked into, and irrelevant to this discussion.


      1. No they had to stop in Brussels for mandatory pilot rest, as an Air Force veteran I can assure you that is a legitimate thing. While there she was planning on using it as an opportunity to speak with NATO allies, and military leaders. Egypt was not on the agenda, and this exactly what you pay taxes for, you don’t get to pick and choose which Congresspeople you want to send to visit the troops based off of your personal political affiliation. The below link confirms my above information, and to make it more “legitimate” for you the sites parent company is owned by the Rothschild family.


      2. I could cite you links that definitely include Egypt, but what would that prove? 93 relatives is MY point.
        I don’t belong to either political party – I make up my own mind on people. Such as the childish facial expressions Pelosi was shooting out during the SOTU speech.


      3. And my point is that all of your “facts” are based off of political conspiracy theories and have ZERO factual basis. Not that you’ll listen but here’s a link disproving the “93 relatives” nonsense as well. Make sure wherever you are getting your information is a LEGITIMATE news source and you won’t look the fool and lose your credibility by spreading blatant lies.


      4. Now you’re acting as juvenile as Congress. I had links, but I’m not going to spend my time trying to convince you that useless, unproductive trips that cost a fortune are worth it. If you want to entertain the troops send your money to the USO, morale could use a pick-me-up.
        I agree to disagree and end this useless conversation.


      5. Someone disagrees with you and provides proof discrediting your claims and your default response is to resort to name calling without providing proof to justify your errant viewpoints?


      6. Debating, and I am not ashamed of it. Straight from my “about” page. “Dialogue leads to debate which leads to better solutions”.
        Simply following the crowd without listening to others perspectives keeps us rooted in the past, however, when you listen to others perspectives you should be encouraged to challenge them. If their arguments withstand the challenge they are legitimate, if not they can be something to learn from. It’s the basis for the scientific process, and I believe that it should be applied to politics as well.

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      7. I always look to find the ‘other side of the coin’. It was how I was raised. I often make some people quite angry by playing ‘devil’s advocate.’ I agree that debate can be good, as long as both sides listen to the other. I heard your side and agree that the story I read was exaggerated, but I still think Pelosi was wrong in taking a trip while the gov’t was shut down. Look into what those trips cost and they rarely produce results.
        I’m signing off now.

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  2. Your “reader” G P Cox is one of the people who ignores facts and believes lies. He is the proto- typical Trump voter. You can present someone like him with a factual truth until you are blue in the face and it will not penetrate his proud and profound ignorance and resistance to anything that contradicts their thesis. I love how these sorts use the phrase “devil’s advocate” as if that makes their cockeyed positions “factual.” Anyway, thanx for the follow…Barking shall always strive to anger, amuse,inform and always be interesting. continue…


  3. Here is a question we should be asking: If Trump cab get billions of dollars for a wall why can’t that money be used to fund infrastructure repair, free medical care for all and free university education. You might scoff at the notion but the wall is a monument to ego while the other considerations are a real investment in the country. Socialism is not the threat. Colonial attitudes and isolationism is the bigger danger.

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    1. The issue lies with where that money is coming from. I think comments from Pelosi and other ranking Democrats about how “if Trump can do it for a wall when we get a Democrat in the Oval Office we can do it for x, y, and z” is absolutely terrifying.

      That money is coming from important programs, drug prevention and military construction projects mainly. If this is allowed to stand those funds could be getting stolen indefinitely and that will have major impacts.

      I wrote a story about it shortly after Trump declared his national emergency. I put the link at the bottom of this comment if you want to check it out.

      Either way thanks for checking out my site and I hope you keep stopping by!

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  4. Nancy says wall immoral. I don’t get it. Dems block a sensible all just to block Trump from fulfilling a campaign promise. Disgraceful politics. 76,000 arrested in open areas with no wall in February. If there was wall agents could be doing other things.


    1. The campaign promise was Mexico would pay for it, now its military construction projects that is taking the hit. Those are projects that directly affect the quality of life of our service members. That’s not where you take that money from.
      Not to mention the environmental and eminent domain concerns that come from trying to build a wall. It’s a vanity project that does nothing to actually address the humanitarian crisis at the southern border.
      But six billion dollars isn’t even going to make a dent on the wall, which is why Trump is already requesting 8 billion more. Six billion dollars isn’t about building a wall, it’s about playing politics. This time by using military funding as collateral, our service members deserve better.
      This isn’t about a wall, it’s about politics.


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