The Shutdown is Over: Now we need to make sure it NEVER happens again

government_shutdown_sign_(10174816623)What this government shutdown has shown just about every American and politician, is that shutdowns like this cannot happen. Government workers cannot go without paychecks for weeks on end because of political games. And in a sense, we were lucky, this was a PARTIAL government shutdown, and the effects were still profound.

Do you really think that the politicians would have handled the situation any differently if it was a full shutdown? Don’t count me as someone with any confidence that they would have.

With that being said, there is a lesson to be learned here, and a solution to be implemented. The lesson learned? We can’t let this happen again.

What’s the solution? If the federal government cannot get a budget passed on time, then the country should automatically be funded by a continuing resolution until a budget gets passed. To ensure that the CR is not the new permanent budget, it should be reduced by 5 percent every month, with government employees’ salaries the LAST thing to be affected.

This is a bipartisan solution to a problem that has become increasingly worse in recent years. Obama did it in 2013 to get the Affordable Care Act pushed through and now Trump is trying to do it to get his wall built. Holding government employees’ hostage to get what you want is not how you govern.  

A new budget needs to get passed in the next three weeks, and a provision to ensure that a shutdown like just happened never happens again NEEDS to be in it. It’s what the American people deserve.

It’s NOT about a wall

Obama hands over presidency to Trump at 58th Presidential Inauguration

This shutdown has never been about a wall. The whole debacle between President Donald Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi has cemented that fact. Cancelling the speakers travel plans and cancelling the State of the Union are the actions of immature politicians using their powers to stroke their own egos.

And that’s all this has ever been about, egos between powerful politicians. As the left celebrates their “win” because Trump agreed to postpone the State of the Union, 800,000 people are going unpaid. SNAP is close to running out of funds for the first time since the program was made permanent.

These realities are something that both parties have lost sight of. Each side is worried about “winning” but has lost sight of the fact that nobody wins in a shutdown. What’s even worse is playing overt political games with each other while those that you are hurting are watching.

I don’t know which party will end up “caving” in the end, and I don’t think it matters. It won’t change my opinion of either party, and I doubt that it will change the minds of any of either parties’ supporters.

When this shutdown ends, neither party will have gained the respect of the American people. In fact, both parties will have lost what little respect that they had remaining. These kinds of behaviors are what got Trump elected in the first place, so he could “drain the swamp”.

He seems to have missed his mark, and instead has become a part of the quagmire that his supporters loathed so much.

Donald Trump: This is how you can end the shutdown

capitolFor someone who champions himself as knowing “the art of the deal”, and being an expert dealmaker, President Donald Trump seems to be clueless on how to end this shutdown. His recent proposal to Democrats only goes to show how incapable he is of understanding how to compromise.

His offer of 3 years amnesty for DREAMERS in exchange for his border wall funding is laughable. Why would Democrats agree to a temporary solution for DREAMERS while agreeing to put up a permanent wall?

If Trump was serious about reopening the government, he would have offered PERMENANT protection for DREAMERS, preferably by legalizing them. But instead Trump hopes that Democrats will end up caving to his plan, so he can try and use DREAMERS as political leverage down the road to get what he wants again. The problem is, Democrats will never agree to that, and in the meantime 800,000 government workers will continue to go unpaid.

The solution to end this shutdown is simple. It gives both sides something that they want while giving up something both sides hate. In exchange for Trump’s wall funding Democrats should get the legalization of all DREAMERS.

He can’t argue that this will just encourage more immigrants to flood the border to get to America, because as he has so proudly touted, his wall will “prevent that”. Additionally, there will instantly be 800,000 less illegal immigrants in the United States, curing part of that problem as well.

It’s a common-sense solution that neither side will really like, but that they can take back to their respective bases as “wins”. But in the end the real winner is the 800,000 American people that can go back to work, and to a lesser extent, the American people.

Trump and his “National Emergency”

CBP_Tours_San_Diego_Border_Wall_Prototypes_with_POTUS_(25935924167).jpgAs President Trump gets more and more frustrated with the government shutdown it seems he is more and more likely to do the unthinkable, declare the lack of a border wall a “national emergency” and try and use the military to build it.

It’s an unthinkable abuse of power, one that would be instantly contested in court, and almost certainly be blocked. But the mere notion of suggesting that the military should be used to enforce a partisan agenda, is terrifyingly dangerous.  

It is not the job of the military to do the bidding of the President in partisan issues. The fact that this is even a thinkable action to be taken goes to show how far the role of Commander in Chief has gone astray.

The role of the Commander in Chief should be to direct troops into wars that have already been authorized in Congress, or direct troops into a war that is being approved by Congress (something that has been abused by Presidents’ of both parties in recent years).

But the use of the United States military to enforce domestic partisan policies significantly raises the risk of the United States taking a step towards becoming an authoritarian government. If the President can order the military to build his wall, why can’t he order the military to enforce drug policies? Isn’t that a national emergency too? What about immigration control in sanctuary cities? The implications of what the President thinks he can do is appalling and terrifying.

And while attempting to use the military to circumvent Congress will be challenged and overturned in the court system, the mere mention of using them degrades our service members. They joined to serve their country and they deserve better then to be used as political pawns by the President to enforce his domestic political agenda.