It’s NOT about a wall

Obama hands over presidency to Trump at 58th Presidential Inauguration

This shutdown has never been about a wall. The whole debacle between President Donald Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi has cemented that fact. Cancelling the speakers travel plans and cancelling the State of the Union are the actions of immature politicians using their powers to stroke their own egos.

And that’s all this has ever been about, egos between powerful politicians. As the left celebrates their “win” because Trump agreed to postpone the State of the Union, 800,000 people are going unpaid. SNAP is close to running out of funds for the first time since the program was made permanent.

These realities are something that both parties have lost sight of. Each side is worried about “winning” but has lost sight of the fact that nobody wins in a shutdown. What’s even worse is playing overt political games with each other while those that you are hurting are watching.

I don’t know which party will end up “caving” in the end, and I don’t think it matters. It won’t change my opinion of either party, and I doubt that it will change the minds of any of either parties’ supporters.

When this shutdown ends, neither party will have gained the respect of the American people. In fact, both parties will have lost what little respect that they had remaining. These kinds of behaviors are what got Trump elected in the first place, so he could “drain the swamp”.

He seems to have missed his mark, and instead has become a part of the quagmire that his supporters loathed so much.

Trump’s Saccone Comments–Just more Hypocrisy


If you haven’t heard there is a special election happening in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, and while it’s no surprise that President Donald Trump is supporting Republican candidate Rick Saccone over Democratic candidate Conor Lamb, what is surprising is the rhetoric that he is using to do so.

While he lauds Saccone for “loving vets” he simultaneously blasts Lamb as “Lamb the sham”. The irony? Lamb is one of those vets Trump supposedly “loves”. More ironic? The fact that Trump is trying to champion gun rights after proposing the unconstitutional action of raising the minimum age to purchase a gun to 21. Something his own party and the NRA vehemently disagree with.

Having the president support you should be a boon for your chances win the election. But with how hypocritical and unliked Trump is, it currently does the opposite. Trump is for Republicans what Nancy Pelosi is to Democrats. But Lamb had the common sense to distance himself from Pelosi, while Saccone was foolish enough to cozy up to Trump.

While Trump argues that Lamb will just follow the Democratic party line (although he’s publicly bucked the party line on multiple issues), paradoxically what he wants out of Saccone is for him to follow the Republican party line on every issue. And elected officials that don’t think for themselves and simply follow party lines is exactly what is wrong with Washington.

Now does that mean Lamb beats Saccone? Unlikely considering how conservative the district is. But even having to have the conversation doesn’t bode well for Republicans.