Limiting Trumps Power: Something both parties agree on.

natoRepublicans are once again working to limit President Donald Trump’s power when it comes to international affairs, proof that they don’t trust his judgement when it comes to working with our allies. This time Senate Republicans, being led by Senator Lindsey Graham, are working to pass legislation to prevent Trump from withdrawing from NATO as he has threatened to do.

Previously, Republicans’ and Democrats’ passed legislation preventing Trump from withdrawing troops from South Korea. These actions go to show how unhinged Congress has come to view Trump. They don’t trust him to be able to make basic decisions that are clearly in the best interest of the country.

If Trump were to withdraw from NATO, the number one beneficiary would be Russia, at the expense of all of Europe. If Trump were to withdraw troops from South Korea, the number one beneficiary would be North Korea, at the expense of the South.

These are common sense things, and the fact that Congress doesn’t trust Trump to see that is telling. It either means that Republicans and Democrats alike think Trump is an idiot, or that he doesn’t have the best interests of the United States as his foremost interest.

One thing is for sure though, Republicans are finally starting to stand up to Trump, at least for the most common-sense things, and that can only be a good thing. The powers of the executive branch have run amuck in recent years, and it’s taken a clearly unhinged president to finally get the legislative branch to reign him in.  

Dear Congress and Donald Trump: Let Mr. Motawakil into the Country

terminal_e_waiting_areaMohasif Motawakil risked his life by becoming an interpreter for US troops in Afghanistan in 2012. Despite the dangers to himself and his family he made the choice to help the Americans that were there, potentially saving our service members lives.

After waiting for years to be approved Mr. Motawakil finally had approval for him and his family to come live in America as a thank you for his service in Afghanistan. It should have been a time of immense joy for the Motawakil family.

But that was not to be the case. Instead Mr. Motawakil and his family were detained in Houston and they are being threatened with deportation, a fate that will likely lead to them all being killed upon their return, all because Mr. Motawakil’s medical documents were opened when they shouldn’t have been.

And while this is something to be looked into, it shouldn’t be something where deportation is even suggested. This man risked EVERYTHING to help American service members, when it would have been even easier to just turn his back on them and ensure his own safety.

This is not the way to treat people who risk their lives for our people. This is a situation that every Congressman and every Senator should agree on. Let Mr. Motawakil into the country, he and his family have earned that privilege, and please stop threatening to send this man to his death by returning him to Kabul.